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11 Mar 2013
There are many dangers one needs to suppose when they find themselves searching for cheap two way radios. At this moment, don’t get me wrong. When the only factor you are going to use with these kinds of radios is give them to the boys and girls to try out with, you might at the same time choose the affordable styles. Even so, if you're planning to set yourself within conditions whereby your own security is determined by having the capacity to to receive support quickly, you might want to reassess.

One of the worst flaws when searching to get discounted two-way radios would be that the advised span is commonly way off. These radios in many cases are subjected to testing in fictitious scenarios where there is no disturbance inside the...

08 Oct 2012
Are you planning to buy a two way radio system? Well, there are a lot of things that you ought to know so that you can make the correct buying decision. For starters, these radios, which are also known as land mobile radios or walkie talkies, are available in three different styles - handheld, mobile and base station (or desktop).

Handheld radios can be held in the hand and carried around while on the go. These radios weigh between 9 and 16 oz and are between four and eight inches tall, without counting their antenna height. Usage of handheld radios is regulated by rules prescribed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Handheld radios cannot have more than 5 watts of power.

Customers of handheld radios must take into account...

11 Sep 2012
Caring for the batteries of two-way radios is crucial because these devices depend so much on the power of the batteries to function. Many consumers are not aware of the juice left in their batteries and end up facing radio problems because their batteries just ran out of power. People use radios in various work shifts and do not care or inspect their radios regularly. When you don’t know how to care for your batteries, you will likely reach radio failure and this manual will show you how to care for your batteries the proper way:

1. Manufacturers like Motorola print a digit code at the front of the battery. A 3-digit code is often printed by Motorola. The digits show when the battery was built, with the first digit representing the...

13 Jun 2012
A two-way radio is a radio that receives and transmits content. The operator in possession of the radio can engage in a conversation with other operators having a two-way radio, which operates on the same frequency or channel. A two-way radio is also referred to as a walkie-talkie.

The 2 way radio system works in a half-duplex mode, meaning that the operator can either transmit or listen at the same time. If he is listening, and wants to talk, then he must push a button (called a Push To Transmit button). A mobile phone works on a full-duplex mode - meaning that the operator can receive and transmit conversation at the same time. This is because mobile phones work on two frequencies - whereas a two-way radio works on only one frequency.

13 May 2012
Do you want to be in touch with your acquaintances on the beat? Or, do you like to chat with your mountain climbing companion whose mountaineering skills are going downhill? If these are some of your concerns, then a two way radio might just be what you are searching for. What’s important here is for you to be able to obtain the right system that could improve your performance. And, here’s a guide that will help you choose:

How many channels are you looking for and how much power do you need?

An FRS or Family Radio Service model will be perfect if you only need the most fundamental use. The GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is the best choice if you are looking for higher power. This can transmit on 22 channels and can operate on 1...